The International Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Research Network

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Who are we?

CRIMVOL is the new international criminal justice voluntary sector research network and cross-sectoral collective of academics, practitioners and policymakers interested in criminal justice voluntary/ non-profit sector research and reform.


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Philippa Tomczak

Philippa coordinates CRIMVOL and is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham School of Sociology and Social Policy. 1. She is a former Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow and British Academy Rising Star at the University of Sheffield Centre for Criminological Research. Philippa published the first monograph on The Penal Voluntary Sector, which won the 2017 British Society of Criminology Book Prize. For Prof M Bosworth (Oxford), it "develops a fresh approach to penal power that should reorient the field of study". Prof S Maruna (Manchester) noted: "Tomczak's sophisticated, empirical exploration of the voluntary sector’s involvement in that most involuntary of sectors, the UK’s penal system, simply could not be more timely or more badly needed. It fills an enormous gap in the criminological literature while opening up dozens of new avenues for new research. A real path-breaker".

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Philippa's research interests include: the sociology of punishment; the criminal justice voluntary sector; prison suicide; penal oversight and regulatory bodies; penal reform; actor-network theory. Her publications have been cited by scholars in jurisdictions including Canada, Finland, Australia and New Zealand. She works with think tanks and voluntary organisations around the world. She was educated at the Universities of Oxford and Manchester.