CRIMVOL is the new international criminal justice voluntary sector research network and cross-sectoral collective of academics, practitioners and policymakers interested in criminal justice voluntary/ non-profit sector research and reform.

CRIMVOL is chaired by Dr Philippa Tomczak (Senior Research Fellow, University of Nottingham School of Sociology and Social Policy; Author of The Penal Voluntary Sector). CRIMVOL is now funded by a University of Nottingham Beacon Fellowship, but was established in 2017 with generous financial support from the British Academy (Rising Star Engagement Award), Leverhulme Trust (Early Career Fellowship), Socio-Legal Studies Association (Seminar Competition) and the University of Sheffield Centre for Criminological Research.

In its early stages, CRIMVOL established a group of specialist early career researchers, drawn from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire, Finland, Denmark, and Canada. CRIMVOL was championed at its inception by Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms (Universities of Cambridge and Sheffield) and Professor Joanna Shapland (University of Sheffield).