CRIMVOL in Canada!

Following discussions at the January 2018 CRIMVOL conference in London, Abigail Salole (Sheridan College and University of Toronto, Canada) organised a Canadian symposium, which took place on June 25, 2018 at Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario. The symposium focused on the role of crime, community and justice with an emphasis on the role of the voluntary sector. 80 people were in attendance, including criminal justice practitioners, scholars, voluntary sector practitioners, faith groups and students. Financial support for the event was provided by Sheridan’s Scholarship, Research & Creative Activities fund.

Opening remarks were provided by Dr. Mary Louise Noce, Associate Dean of the School of Community Studies. The keynote lecture was delivered by Dr. Philippa Tomczak, on the sociology of the Penal Voluntary Sector. Delegates from academia and practice presented papers on the role of the voluntary sector in the youth and adult systems in Canada. Presenters included Garry Glowacki and his team at the Bridge Prison Ministry, Dr. Rai Reece, Kaitlyn Quinn and Abigail Salole. The symposium was infused by art curated by the Bridge Prison Ministry. Watch the video here!

Insight from the Trenches Garry Glowacki, Richard and Natalie, The Bridge Prison Ministry
“Horticulture, Healing and Hope”: Examining the Efficacy of Apprenticeship Programs for Incarcerated Women Dr. Rai Reece, Humber College
The Politics of helping: Examining divergent practices in the penal voluntary fields Kaitlyn Quinn, University of Toronto
It’s Kinda Punishment: Mechanical measures and the legitimacy of youth justice work Abigail Salole, Sheridan College
Closing Session: Mississauga’s Poet Laureate Wali Shah

Philippa Tomczak