Debt counselling for prisoners and ex-prisoners in Denmark and Norway

PhD Annette Olesen, Assistant Professor in Criminology at Aalborg University researches voluntary organisations’ legal advice and debt counselling for prisoners and ex-prisoners in Denmark and Norway. She has been a funded member of CRIMVOL since the network’s inaugural conference in Sheffield in June 2017. She is dedicated to bringing the penal voluntary sector onto the Nordic research agenda and drawing attention to the existing contractual relationships between the Nordic welfare states, penal systems and the penal voluntary sectors. Inspired by the emerging CRIMVOL research network, she applied to the Early Career Talent Program of the Faculty of Social Science, Aalborg University. This Talent Program financially supports gifted early career scholars to develop auspicious research networks. Annette was successful and has received funding to strengthen future collaboration between CRIMVOL‘s members and to seek research grants for further collaborative research. Annette is hoping to provide knowledge about how the contextual framework of the ‘Nordic Welfare Model’ and how ‘Scandinavian Exceptionalism’ affects the roles played by the penal voluntary sector in Scandinavian countries; the developing volunteer and voluntary sector trends in Scandinavian criminal justice; and the opportunities and challenges these trends will bring. Between 2018 and 2020 Annette will provide forums for knowledge exchange and expansion for CRIMVOL members (and beyond), ultimately aiming to develop penal voluntary sector research through an international comparative research grant.