The CRIMVOL vision is to establish the world-leading criminal justice voluntary sector research centre, promoting social justice through research, engagement and impact. Our research encompasses volunteers and voluntary organisations across criminal justice (including police, courts, prison, probation, victims and families affected by criminal justice).

 Our research themes include:

  •    The spectrum of (distinctive) activities undertaken by volunteers and voluntary organisations across criminal justice

  •     The (distinctive) contributions of volunteers and voluntary organisations to service delivery, ‘rehabilitation’ and campaigning work

  •     The emotional labour and wellbeing of volunteers, voluntary organisation practitioners and their service users

  •     The criminal justice voluntary sector as a (potential) agent of participatory social policy

  •     The (potential) different forms of public participation in criminal justice processes

  •     The interactions between (self-inflicted) deaths in criminal justice and the voluntary sector

  •     Governance and accountability of criminal justice volunteers and voluntary organisations

  •     ‘Best practice’ training, produced with and for practitioners